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Your Turn

Your Turn published on

Hello everyone, I hope you didn’t forget about us!

For you who didn’t follow the news in the forums,  we posted a schedule update for the upcoming months. Resuming, I will be working on the remaining bazzar pictures alongide the comic pages, with some time off added to help me work on other projects.

Why is all that? Well, because of moneys, Im afraid. The adds in the site aren’t giving me enough, so Im moved to do personal comissions and stuff while working on the art that I owe for the bazaar. That means less LL updates in the upcoming months, but it should be all good when all the art is done.

Soooo! if you wanna help this guy out, please don’t use any add blocking in the site, or add the Katbox to your allowed list. Every bit help us out, so thank you in advance!