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Mmm I wonder who told Taffy ? Digit, Alej or Minos would be my guess.
The last panel is so sweet, also kinda funny. I mean Mora’s tits are literally bigger than Taffy’s head lol.
Anyway so hoping Mora is gonna go get some good sleep soon. She needs it…along with a good banging XD.

Taffy never ceases to amaze me. She’s smart

Unlike the lead in the comic apparently.. Didn’t think about booze? Really? and really thought that a wedding was worth pulling the entire place under?

Clearly you’ve never had family.

Clearly, your priorities are screwed up. I have family. I’ve even people I think of as family who are not. I’ve even rushed into danger to rotect my family.. but not once.. would I think spending a stupid amount of money, on a stupid ‘ceremony” and terminating their place of living and income faster.. as a result.. as a good idea.

And then all this drama that started for nothing just goes away..

But hey, Geeku’s tree wasn’t used as an excuse to just magic everything away.

What tree?

I have a feeling that the problems are just beginning honestly. I am still not sure of the canonicty of Ask the High Prime but Ambar did say there were troubles on the horizon.

I would hope its not.. canon what so ever. Otherwise we have a world leader who constantly violates the privacy of others on a whim. had a child in meer hours, gave control of the planet over to her unqualitied daughter.. who then used it to bathe in dumb stuff like tea or some crap.. has done no administrative or ruling work .. and seems to be of the mind set of just abuse power.

Found you two weeks ago, I’ve been spending all my spare time reading your archives. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Geecku has got to be my favorite character.

Yeah, isn’t the character consistency great when she apparently lived on a space ship for years but then needlessly trashed a house like she didn’t understand how it worked, tried to screw everyone in site never mind the fact she was disrupting relationships and then suddenly has wisdom and advise to give?

Great consistency and character growth…

Doesn’t seem like he can delete comments…


Ok. So first off, great choice with the brewery idea and how Patches’ simple explanation gets the economics down just about right. Second off, I understand Taffy’s reaction to Mora overspending on the wedding, but literally almost everyone else’s response (EXPRESSLY MINOS’) doesn’t make sense. The reason Minos’ reaction is the worst is because the other ones can be badly explained off as character development (Patches is a good example) ,which is another flaming ship that sailed away long ago, but Minos never really went through that. Oh, I just noticed the size of the font and the length of this comment, so this is going to be cut short. I’m just happy the comments are back! Now I don’t have to rant to my dogs or myself about a good/bad plot point!

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