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Mmm I wonder who told Taffy ? Digit, Alej or Minos would be my guess.
The last panel is so sweet, also kinda funny. I mean Mora’s tits are literally bigger than Taffy’s head lol.
Anyway so hoping Mora is gonna go get some good sleep soon. She needs it…along with a good banging XD.

Taffy never ceases to amaze me. She’s smart

Unlike the lead in the comic apparently.. Didn’t think about booze? Really? and really thought that a wedding was worth pulling the entire place under?

Clearly you’ve never had family.

Clearly, your priorities are screwed up. I have family. I’ve even people I think of as family who are not. I’ve even rushed into danger to rotect my family.. but not once.. would I think spending a stupid amount of money, on a stupid ‘ceremony” and terminating their place of living and income faster.. as a result.. as a good idea.

And then all this drama that started for nothing just goes away..

But hey, Geeku’s tree wasn’t used as an excuse to just magic everything away.

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