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This week I come with a bit of bad news:

A few days ago, my wacom tablet started to act funny, and it seems the pencil finally decided to die. This is actually my bro’s tablet, so it was kind of an oldie before I even started using it. It’s been giving me signs of malfunction for months, so I guess it was about time it finally went kaput.

Only the pen died tough, so at first I was thinking in replacing only that, but decided to go for a upgrade and get a whole new tablet instead and thanks to SK, I’ll be getting a brand new one soon!  I just have to wait until it arrives in the mail. I been wanting to take some time off so I suppose this is a good time to do so, hehe.

So! In the meantime, Tony and Godai from Rascals, made this awesome LL filler page for you to enjoy. See ya soon!