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My Cousin

My Cousin published on

Howdy everyone, sorry for the late update (again), but fear not! I plan to update the main comic weekly again, even if the update day is moved around a bit while I adjust to the schedule and all the stuff going on down here.

Please enjoy the comic!

On other news, I’m super happy to annouce that Mab’s DMFA comic has joined The Katbox! Her comics was one of the first I started reading and is still, to this day, one of my top favs webcomics. So it’s pretty exciting that she has joined our humble place, it’s a real honor!

Sooo, if you haven’t checked DMFA out… really? is there anyone that doesn’t know that comic? haha.  Just… go read it! XD

Also! Our bonus comics are back! The bazaar pics were a lot of work and took up all of our time. But now we can start updating them again!

We’re gonna have November Knights this year too. If we get 3 pages bought before November, you guys will get a 4th page for free! So hurry on over!