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This is a really boring plot point you are trying to desperately force. We havn’t seen them sell a single product in the entire duration of your over a decade old comic, and now 14 years late you’re trying to push that they have a money problem? Nobody cares, Everyone knows this plot will be ignored for another 3 years, and then be resolved when a pile of random money falls into mora’s tits when you eventually decide you really dont know how to solve this problem and kind of wrote yourself into a corner. Again.

By the way, why is Digit so smart and just out of character for the last two pages?
Isn’t her personality determined by Mora’s mood and own personality?
Even in the last page we saw her in she was still tied to Mora in this sense with her looking younger and acting more innocent or child-like.
I would understand this spontaneous maturing if something that actually made Mora mature had happened but its been all about the “newly-weds” (something wrong is going to happen if the story acts like an actual story) for the past 3 MONTHS; so this is just weird.

The one thing that we really need to see is how Mora’s parents got together and how the farm was ran before she was born, because I always assumed that Mora’s was in her life for a time before he left because of his, “Curse Mark No Justu”. Then Mora mentioned that Diana found Randall on her doorstep and that they were dirt poor.

Please! That was not criticism, that was trolling. 2 or 3 guys who were constantly talking trash about the webcomic, and almost never said something positive about it. That was neither constructive nor helpful, and that was on every single page. Constant bashing with no purpose other than harm. I understand why Chalo had to take the comments section down a few times.

*chuckles* why does chalos waste time with plotlines like these? Mora been the poster girl for Mary Sue characters pretty much since day one.

Honestly as much as I like the pair I frankly hope it turns out the wedding fails, if nothing else because it would be a refreshing change of pace and as a bonus would make a successful second attempt that much sweeter, if it’s earned through hard work.

I’m here for basically every character but Mora at this point. I want to see how the Miles/Rach relationship works out, because I know it’s gonna be rocky and full of drama. I want to see Sarah and Sunny’s friendship develop. I want Geeku antics. I’m sure there’s more coming, but man am I impatient, lol.

So Mora is unilaterally deciding to risk throwing the whole enterprise into default so that she can fund what is basically a party to celebrate that two people have decided to hook up permanently, without asking the people who the party is supposedly for or her business partner is selling everything to fund the very enterprise she is throwing under the bus? Not cool, Mora.

Glad I’m not the first/only person to think this. I love the art and I’ve been reading for years now, but it gets harder and harder to read because when it ISN’T fluff and filler that doesn’t actually advance the story, it’s basically a showcase of how to be a bad person who doesn’t *really* learn many lessons. I can’t remember the last time I actually enjoyed Mora as a character and honestly the only characters I’m invested in are Miles and Rachael.

I’m a little rusty on how its suppose to work but Digit could be acting this way because Mora knows full well that these actions are not viable answers to the problem and will likely make things worse. The way I see it is that Mora is lying to herself for the sake of trying to be like her mother. I still don’t like her as a character but that was the vibe I got.

I probably would’ve worded it more nicely but I agree with this, this kind of writing makes me feel like the ONLY way this will work involves 1. Help from the High Prime or whoever. 2. They use whatever kind of magic this world has to essentially cheat nature or 3. They just get lucky out of nowhere. I feel there isn’t anything compelling about this story unless it’s about to end in the most depressing way possible. Almost nothing Mora does makes her likeable and the farm doesn’t see to be functioning poorly.

This is an actual question as I don’t remember, but what was Alejandra’s actual role in her previous company before helping Mora? Wasn’t her business THRIVING before joining? ALL of their assets can’t cover the costs of a farm that barely even has running tractors it seems? Maybe I’m just lost since its been so long but I don’t understand how they’re in this position either.

OPTION 1: ELOPE at the local Court House and then hold a party at the farm, but that would make sense! OPTION 2: Have Gopher Ex Machina, I mean Ambar, foot the bill on the wedding! This would be the one time I wouldn’t mind seeing her abuse her authority because hey, its for Ria and Randal!

Maybe this is just how I see things, but she mentioned her mother would find a way, so maybe thats whats driving her to do this, unless i missed something, it hasn’t been said or shown yet that she’s actually gotten over running out on her mother, so maybe thats why shes making a dumb decision without asking anybody else, she’s trying to live up to what her mother was