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Heh really don’t know what the odds are of a foursome, at the moment but would say it’s pretty unlikely. Would be nice though, to show how close they have become. But honestly all I really hope for now is for them to become close friends. For Mora not to just refer to them as the cats and for them not to refer to Mora as the devil.

Drinking when you need to solve a problem, That’s a totally good idea <.< Not..

Wait.. so Rachael cut her hair off screen? You know that would of been interesting to see her thought process and choice behind it.

The insult of Balloon boobs is unfair, unless you mean ones filled with no air but sand.. which is more like how Mora's are. droopy.. draggy.. sand filled looken.

I do wonder what is going to happen after you basically wrecked her personality to have her get along with the second worst character in the comic.

Lion den though.. he couldn't say man cave?

Also in one panel Miles has his jacket open.. in the other.. its buttoned up.

Ah, you are right, she’s just been in the background for most of it. and as for the ATHP. It’s a non canon source and I feel like it should not be used what so ever to actually explain anything character dev wise for the comic. specially since it is Adult only and there are many here who are kids who should not be looking at stuff like that yet.

Mmm something that I just thought of, we can assume the reason Rachael doesn’t like Miles’s poster is some A cup angst. But why does Miles not like Rachael’s poster ? Could it be because the wolf guy has bigger muscles or maybe he doesn’t like it because the wolf is bigger then him in another area as well ?

On this episode of “What we learned in Ask The High Prime” Chalo refuses to give actual interesting questions a fair shake, like Mora’s necklace leading off into the comic staring at her tits or some stupid bull instead of giving a response.. but will gladly respond to stupid crap like “Geeku, why do you like sex so much” and “Minos, who would you want to have a threesome with” Either he’s totally unwilling to do any world building or desperatly misses when he could focus on the most pointless comic ‘breasts are the best’ that got the most updates out of any .. or those in a position to ask are incapable of asking anything more intelligent or are done asking because he cheats them out of a good response every time a good question IS picked.

okay but for real though, what are their actual jobs? what do ANY of these people do (even Mora) becside Minos doing most of the heavy lifting? I mean we saw a good number of them picking apples, but is that it? What do Miles and Rachael actually do?

If I recall correctly (its been so long since this happened that I can’t remember) Miles was fixing up a plane or something. Is that his job? Is that plane suppose to help the farm now? Technically it could but that seems unnecessary for the short-term life of the farm.

Nope, that plane was found by Miles and he forced Rachael to smuggle it into the farm without telling Mora, Miles wanted to use that plane to go out and have new WACKY adventures and also forced Rachael into helping him fix it, but in the end Rachael told him it was either her or his childish dreams and Miles took what it would seem his first grownup decision ever, though I must remind that it seems it was all because of the sake of sex.

And even if they wanted to re-purpose the plane to help the farm (which seems highly likely where this is going), Digit once mentioned that she’s SO high-tech (despite Mora initially mentioning the farm’s main work was done “the old way”), that she can remotely keep track of the plants and can protect them from diseases and whatnot, rendering Miles’ plane completely useless.

Alright, alright, now I’m into this, let’s try and come up with the characters’ job, using common sense and what we know:

-Position: Big-boobed boss lady.
-Function: initially work the farm herself, later have people do everything for her and boss them around with initially no pay, also complain when things don’t go her way.

-Position: Initially slave/currently unknown, possibly maintenance (?)
-Function: Mora literally forced him into working for her (against his will), using physical and psychological harm (despite him deserving that kinda treatment, it is still illegal). Neglecting whatever his job was to work on his plane along Rachael.

-Position: Indentured servant/Mora’s escort
-Function: Minos pretty much chose to work throwing rocks into space under no pay seemingly because he saw Mora as the Mary Sue she was, but later I guess Mora started paying him with sex.

-Position: Cook.
-Function: Miles dragged her into the farm without her consent, and offered his pay (which was nothing) to go to her, currently working as mother figure I guess (?) and still cooking for everyone.

-Position: Harvester (?)
-Function: Sarah along with Rachael were runaway orphans who stole and spoiled some food from the farm, Mora forced both to pay for said food by having work their debt, despite Sarah being a minor, the only work I remember Sarah doing was gathering fruit, but I guess she can’t be trusted with any kind of machinery since she almost killed Digit that one time.

-Position: Former accountant/currently Miles’ assistant
-Function: Mora put Rachael to work as some sort of accountant since Rachael was “good with numbers”, but I reckon she became obsolete for that position with the introduction of Digit, after Mora caught Rachael kissing Minos (and beating the stuffing outta her), she demoted Rach as Miles’ assistant as thanks for saving Digit.

-Position: Las Lindas’ Mainframe/Reflection of Mora’s soul/Mora’s virtual daughter
-Function: Digit is a Swiss army knife since she can do lots of unexpected things, but the only ones confirmed on the farm’s benefit are monitoring the crops’ status and health, she also hunted big-boobed gremlins for a while.

-Position: unknown
-Function: seducing/stalking Mora, teaching Sarah to roleplay (?), he decided to join the farm after the Harvest Festival, yet he’s really never seen doing anything on behalf of the farm.

-Position: unknown
-Function: joined at the same time Idward did, but his job and function are just as unclear.

-Position: Manager
-Function: make Las Lindas an efficient work place and assuming all of Mora’s duties, so far she’s the only employee with an official position mentioned, and the one we’ve seen working the most to improve the farm until recently.

-Position: Pet/parasite
-Function: plant unauthorized magic tree and seduce everything with a penis, also not wear clothes.

This is all still one big none issue. Why dosen’t Mora just ask what kind of wedding Taffy and Randal want and go from there? They don’t seem like the types to want and big out of control wedding. There are countless ways to have a great wedding on the cheap, and in a world with so much tec it should be even easier.

Also when did the farm become so money scrapped. Last I remember they were doing ok.

So good that they could hire a new manager to take over Mora’s responsibilities, and hire dozens of new workers as well, I’m just as mind-boggled as you, the farm finally looked like a competent, efficient and LEGAL business (since now they could pay people) especially with Alej’s advising on board.

I think it’s less Mora trying to fund just the wedding, and more her trying to fix the general financial issue the farm is in. Remember before the wedding was even a thing the farm was on it’s way to bankruptcy. The wedding’s just sped up the countdown clock from a year to half that.

As for the finances of the farm. They hired more workers, workers who need pay. Remember before the whole incident with Patches, most of the ‘staff’ weren’t really getting paid that much. Some of their pay came in the form of food and board. Now she has more workers who aren’t getting that set up, and so who have to be paid properly. Add to it as Patches said, the summer fitness crazy is dying down as fall rolls in, people aren’t buying sports drinks like they were. So Profits are down while costs remain unchanged. And speaking of Patches, you know she never does anything small. Her end of things is probably super professional and has every I dotted and T crossed. That can get INCREDIBLY expensive to keep everything on the up and up. So factoring all that together, the Farm is costing more then it’s earning now that they are trying to be all legal and such. So like Patches said, they need to diversify, have multiple products out there that ensure if one product becomes less popular, another will pick up the slack. It’s actually a pretty accurate depiction of how running a busyness works so color me super impressed.