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I don’t quite get why they don’t just wing the catering themselves. They have the location. They have the various people with the skills. Granted, either Taffy or someone else who is less skilled, would bake the cake.

All they would really need is a wedding minister, and just about anyone could apply for a license for that. (Plus I suspect that is among Minos’ large repertoire).

But in the end, it would not be as expensive. Sure they would have to splooge a little here and there, for various things. But it would not cost as much as going through with contracting. Seriously, the farm members have the skills to pull it off.

Me thinks Mora does not got this deep down. She looks rather drained and near the point of exhaustion. I know the joke could be that she has been in bed so much with Minos, but the way she looks right now has all the tell tale signs of stress and fatigue. Careful our favorite rabbit eared cow… you might be heading for a heart attack.

Since when has Mora had money problems since most of it has just fallen into her lap?
I’m not saying that the wedding won’t be expansive, and they are smart (for once) on the point of not hiring some money vacuum scum wedding planner and just doing it themselves. But if we infer what will happen next based on previous events, either someone next to a God or with high ranking in their society will pull cash out of their ass and all of the money problems will be solved. We’ve seen this with the now infamous part (that almost destroyed my interest and hope for the comic) where Mora is magically entered into a competition, where the TOP TWO farms of the COUNTRY, are entered to win some sum of cash witch would be enough to save the farm from bankruptcy. If you don’t remember how this went down or haven’t read it, I’ll briefly explain what made it frustrating:
1. Mora is not told until the equivalent of a King or Queen in the real world shows up to, not only tell her that she’s in the competition, but to also give her Digit for no reason.
2. She went up against a huge, multi-million dollar company that had won the past couple of years strait and somehow, she won. What makes it more inconceivable is that this is just a month, at most, after she lured Miles (and Miles lured Taffy), somehow kept Minos, and for some reason kept the robbing runaways in Sarah and Rachael, while losing money, she is picked. And how do you get picked? By being the FINEST LAND WORKER. How can a farm practicing sketchy as hell hiring (most of them were either not being payed or under-payed) and being out of money do this? Even Mora calls bullshit on this.
3. She wins because Alejandra throws a fit when she calls bullshit on a draw and for Mora even being in the thing in the first place (again, EVEN MORA CALLS IT FOR BOTH!!). Its stupid to since you can tell be the way they show the Prime when she tells Alejandra that she will be disqualified if she complains, is one of this is what she PLANNED. She knew that Alejandra wouldn’t except this so Mora could win “fairly” and whatever she was or is planning for Mora could go through.
This was bad I can remember back to the old comment section and multiple reviews always pointing to this confusing and most Ex Machina thing out there as a point of complaint, comparison and where they almost stopped reading. And I’m not saying this to hit on the writers, I’m saying this as a point of concern. Because this is what happened last time with money issues and it almost ruined the comic and I don’t want it to happen again. With some of earlier decisions back years ago already making me question ‘why do I keep fallowing this?’ (I came up with several ways to make a decent arch with the kidnapped Sarah thing and I was actually hyped for that arch; but it never happened) so another round-house to the nuts won’t help if history repeats itself. So this is honestly more to the writers pleading to avoid history, I want to like, no, love this comic.

(Sorry there’s a stupid word count on this)
A lot of the head-aching writing has been fixed and the pass couple of pages have been ok, the not the best but good. So I don’t want to throw my computer out the window if this happens since the comic is showing promise again.

Part of me thinks that Miles plane maybe one of ways to solve their money problems with stunt flying or transport business. And then there’s Rachel applying in the Fighting ring (which she’d wreck house) for winning money and to help Sarah keep the only home and family shes ever known. Then there’s Minos having a big fat bank account from his service were he could buy the whole farm 5 times over.

I’m expecting something like that. Seems she’s going down the road get mother did. Or at least what i think she did given what little we know of her, Mora has the support of family and friends though, so sure she’ll pull through and we might get some backstory with her mom.

Oh no, Mora is making yet another dumb choice that will be fixed because “reasons” with out any repercussions to her being a dumbass.

Seriously.. Wedding over having a place for them to live for a longer time? I’ll take the living situation, but good luck having an awesome wedding and then being homeless!

My guess is Geeku’s magical tree with the all important fix it fruit for AJ’s company to use.

I give it a month if the other critics from before come back.
You guys RIPPED apart the comic, probably when it was near its worst. Which now I think about it, when they took down the comment section a lot of the problems got worse for a bit, but then got better for this arch; did the writers listen and think about the comments and actually fix what was wrong?

The art style has gotten worse for sure, more melty faces, small heads and Mora’s breasts being larger and becoming lime the blob monsters from the Herculoids..

But the coloring has gotten better.

How Taffy finally gave in was .. retarded.. like seriously.. Lizard Sue rockets her into space and she almost dies, but Rand pulls her out of the pool and now she was fine with sex and marriage? ok

Or know, it’s valid complaints about how Mora gets everything handed to her, how she never learns, how she’s being a total bish and is solidly in the wrong by making a choice that will force EVERYONE including Randal and Taffy into homelessness and jobless for something that can be held off on or talked honestly about.

No one is making fun of it. people don’t learn their faults unless they are told. These are valid weaknesses in story and art that are being brought up. No one becomes great if they never face negative reactions. I don’t care about how often he updates, that’s his own damn business, but to call this already good? You clearly have not read the story recently and put together all the Mary Sue moments, plot holes and out right dropped plots because they couldn’t figure it out.

You put something on the internet, you can and will receive feed back on it. Tough love there buddy.

I just love how now we’re supposed to believe Mora is sacrificing and selfless after the whole focus on the comic has been how EVERYTHING good has been handed to her (and how the creator stated that she will never have a long-lasting hardship in her life ever) and throwing a huge tantrum if things never went her way.

Though I’m still baffled as how a farm that just recently hired a HUGE work force can now be doing so bad especially with the experienced counsel of Alej and initiative management of Sunny on board, but I guess you can’t beat the low (or no) costs of slaving people to the bone.

In all seriousness, to the people out there who are planning to marry your special someday: please don’t be as rushed like this, you have all the time in the world, if you’re ever engaged and on a dire economic situation, wait it off until you stabilize, and if things don’t pick up, you can always have a small wedding with your closest people as guests, if you think you’ll love each other more if you throw a bigger and more expensive wedding, then you really don’t understand the purpose of marriage, but that’s just my humble opinion šŸ™‚

Well, the same mistakes are made over and over, like, seriously, they introduce a new plot point and they never go through it, again, all I’m asking now is when and how the farm got into somehow a WORST situation than at the beginning of the comic? Especially after the High Deus Ex Machina helped Mora so much, and after hiring all those workers including Sunny and Alej’s counsel? I just want an answer for that, but no, this only happened so the writers can try to convince us that Mora can be selfless even though after 95% of the comic has been about getting her way all the time like the Mary Moo she is.

And really? You’re just here for “cow tiddy”? No offense, but are you 12? Since this kind of fan service must be disappointing to anyone who has already seen actual internet porn or hentai, if the artist would know better, he would stick to his Ask The High Prime section, fulfilling every horny reader’s whim, but no, sadly, they are trying to convince themselves that they can be good writers, and they can’t, so nobody can’t be pleased, not the people like us, who’ve seen actual plot potential in this story being squandered over by the choices of “who’s gonna hump who now?” nor the people like you seeking to simply see some “big cow tiddy”.

You have already invalidated any sort of opinion what so ever, nor any chance of being seen as reasonable once you said you don’t care about plot holes or story.. and are only here “for cow tiddy” Let alone brought into question if you have ever seen breasts in your life and know how they should work and should not.

So no, not the same complaints on nearly every page, because they are not the same, nor on every page. You can excuse yourself now, let the adults talk.

You should have realised by now that this is never going to change. Chalo made this entire comic just because he really like his Mora character. That’s it. It’s all it’s ever going to be. You act like this is supposed to be high art and not a furry artist’s artwank.

I appreciate that you realize the actual value (or lack thereof) in this webcomic, but you’re not seeing the bigger picture, if this really was some artist realizing his furry fantasies i’d have no problem with it, the problem is, when he starts asking money for it, I mean, anyone who is interested on this kind of stuff is free to support it, the problem with that is, when young, upstarting artists see that they really don’t need to put any effort and just draw whatever crap they want to earn big bucks, not to mention, that people supporting this on Patreon, often neglect other worthier artists who DO have an iota of substance and entertainment to offer in actually good storytelling.

Not to mention, that writing like this perpetuates the horrible stereotype of the use of Mary Sues, characters that are constantly spoiled by their own writers just because they want it so, and they keep doing so even when their own fans tell them that they don’t want this character at all, neglecting characters with so much potential like in this case, Sunny, Alej and Rachael, who’ve just been reduced to waifu status just to keep focusing the plot on Mora’s tiny and illogical hardships in a pathetic attempt from the writers to makes us feel pity for the cow woman that enslaved a feline loser and two underage orphans and tried to get a mentally-challenged cat girl to whore herself up.

But yeah, your point is valid, why are people like us still here if all we do is nothing but complain? Someone once said that this is just like watching a dumpster fire, and seriously, it is, I just wanna see when this ends and what other crap the writers pull out of their asses, and if they wanna open the comment section I won’t spare the chance to let them know that they’re not any better than when this whole shebang started, I mean, it’s the least we are entitled after going through so many years of almost complete garbage, don’t you agree?

You don’t get to decide when something is ‘over’ because you have declared yourself superior. My joke about breasts was all that was really was deserved by your unhinged screed about a furry comic while trying desperately to sound more intelligent or ‘refined’ than you will ever be in your life.

People that are overly concerned with maturity are often children themselves.

The problem with watching ‘garbage fires’ is that the toxic fumes can make you deranged. Chalo really doesn’t have to be a role model for anyone, and if people want to pay him for this, that’s on the shoulders of fully capable adults that do with their assets as they please.

There are a few constants about this comic. The main character will ALWAYS be Mora, and the others are side characters. It’s about whatever Chalo likes to draw, and lastly it’s gonna be fanservice-y. Chalo himself said he’s a bad writer and had to hire Idfox to fix it… dunno what the fuck that guy is doing.

Webcomic Relief once made quite funny and ironic metaphor, I’m paraphrasing: “Las Lindas is like a sinking ship that Chalo is hopelessly trying to get to shore, while Idfox is pouring water out with a fork, and Soulkat is running around poking holes with a drill”, anyway, Riiser pointed that despite Idfox’s pet character, Idward being forced down our throats, he actually made Las Lindas a little more comedic and not about characters having sex with each other all the time, though I really have no idea why they kept Soulkat so much time around other than to project himself through Miles about how unfair life is for him and how no girl wants him.

You might want to read the first part of your reply again, and again ,and again, until you realize that you trying to get us to stop commenting, have been doing the same thing. At least we give Chalo credit in that we believe he can do better, while you simply seem to think that he’s totally unable to do anything decent.

They allowed the comments to be up, We will keep letting them know what is wrong, and how to fix it, as long as they are.

I question if an “Adult” makes themselves a pest by repeating themselves so much. I’d argue an adult makes their argument and lets things go from there rather than making the same argument over and over and over until they make a pest of themselves because at THAT point, it doesn’t matter how well formed opinion it may be, at that point you’re just being a rude jackass.

Honestly though I do have my own complaints mostly looking at aspects of the art though not the art in its entirety. Stylized art frankly what one likes or dislikes is a matter of perspective. There is almost no objective way to judge stylized art whether people want to try or not. Mostly… there are a few elements, one of them coming to mind is consistency.

I frankly think the breasts get brought up a lot because well…. they’ve been a bit of a violation of that rule over the years as they’ve kept growing bigger and bigger to the point where they literally match up with guiness world record sizes and it does become a little distracting, especially compared with earlier art. I like how the style has changed over the years but I’d almost take the style from day 1 over the shift that has occurred. I’m not sure there’s an immediate fix though as any such immediate fix would be jarring.

Nothing wrong with fanservice though… or nudity for that matter. I had no complaint about that infamous Geecku page for example other than it coming out of nowhere and probably catching people off guard… but well… I like fan service of characters in their consistent form. Not… well… inflation seems like a nice simple word.

“Since when has Mora had money problems since most of it has just fallen into her lap?”
You must have missed a few pages back… problems returned after expanding the business and finding their current product isn’t selling well enough.

Also I’m PRETTY sure it wasn’t country… it was described as a community-wide thing so sounded more like Gossamer was being referred to as a country or city area.

Other than that, not seeing all that many flaws with your arguments.
But I’m pretty sure any solution to this current issue is going to be tied into what was stated when these problems showing up was mentioned. Them needing a new product.

Let’s be honest… I don’t think many people would be ok with baking or cooking for their own wedding and Taffy pretty much is the resident expert at those on the farm. Rannie, the other cook, isn’t going to be allowed anywhere near the cooking or everyone will have fire breath coming out both ends.

*Shrugs* a lot of people don’t go through the whole comment section so a reply to each when they use the same lame and untrue attacks is a bit much but sometimes necessary. We agree on the art style though. It was way better when it starred and I’d take that line art form back any day with the coloring and shading of this new set.

That being said.. the story keeps making the same mistakes over and over and over. If they DON’T Mary Sue this away or have some outside force just HAND her money or an instant fix instead of the Farm fixing it? or .. I don’t know..making a contract they have to fullfill? I’ll give it praise for resolving it in an interesting way, that is promised, but as it looks right now? Well.. everyone is calling it out for just another lame event that will auto resolve because of Mora Sue being Mora Sue.

And what’s the purpose of saying what’s “wrong” again and again until the author bow to your bidding? If a manager keeps repeating to an employee his mistakes, it will only depress the employee and make him quit. That’s the 101 of human resource management school.

What you’re being since the beginning can be summed up in one word : toxic.
But remember that: you’re alone to think like this. There’s no “lot of people”, there’s no “large majority of people”. There’s only you, a single sad guy.

You obviously do not know a single thing about resource management, because if an employee keeps repeating those mistakes and they cost the company, even after being told about them, you fire them, you don’t wait for them to quit.

I may of been a bit harsh, bit I do not take back any of the problems I see in this series.

Once again, you show you don’t know crap and are entirely ignorant. There’s been at least 4 other people calling out this comic for its bull crap JUST since this comment section went back up. Chalo’s support is down, this comic is panned across the internet as the trash it has been. If you honestly think all the rightfully earned hate and annoyance this comic has earned is just one guy? You must be the sad one with your tin foil hat.

I’m with Joshua on this, blindly accepting something because you don’t want to offend someone doesn’t lead to improvement. The art in this comic is pretty freaking good but the story has basically gone nowhere for the last year or so. I can’t remember the last time I actually cared about more than two characters in this story as all the others don’t really seem to grow at all.

As for him putting out more content, I’d say the $700 he gets for each page should be a decent amount of motivation personally.

So, the only comment I would like to make is regarding a comic-breaking issue that makes it literally impossible for a new reader to read the entire comic. Any comics that repeat a name force the reader to jump to the most recent page with this name. Even if you select the exact page from archive, you will still be brought to the most recent page. So far, I have hit this issue on Surprises, and Awake(not certain on this title). If one isn’t paying attention they will literally miss years of content. The fix is simple. Change the later comic’s name to Surprises 2, Awake 2, Ect. Its a shame, because the first page becomes completely inaccessible. Which means that the work the writer put into that comic is purely wasted. I am not read up to date, I just jumped ahead in hopes of pointing this out to the author. I must say I admire their dedication to the comic, since its been running since, what? Early two thousands? That is a long lived comic, regardless of quality, which up to the point I have read up to has not been bad. Not amazing, but not bad.

I’m still with Joshua as he wasn’t being a “jerk” until people were trying to devalue his opinion because he’s actually critical about the story. What is even the point of a comment section if people can only kiss the artist’s ass? Isn’t that what the Patreon is for?

Anyways, its pretty much too late to avoid the current situation in the comic as Mora most likely wouldn’t be able to back out without changing her character or others around her. The main thing is that in the future, I feel the past actions characters have taken should be considered more. I don’t know how Mora has been able to function till this point if she thinks a wedding is worth going bankrupt over.

Well, i think this is Chalo’s fault (no offense), but he named different comics with the same name, so when the webpage queries the database with the next comic name, it will return ALL matching results, so it gives both comics that have the same name. He could solve it by simply renaming some of them, if possible.

Okay, I gotta think that at some point, Digit is going to override Mora… Especially as she’s mentally/emotionally compromised and endangering the livelihood of people beyond just herself. I mean, she’s not being rational at all, so there has to be a contingency plan embedded within Digit’s program, that she would be able to circumvent her owner for their own good.

You know what? I would accept that just fine. What Mora is doing is not good at all in the slightest, nor is it kind, or honest or anything good. It’s 100 percent selfish because she feels like she needs to do as good as or better than her mom rather than what is best for her friends that she somehow has despite always acting this way.

Nah, I blame this on the writers’ continued incompetence, they are so desperately trying to show Mora can be selfless and sacrificing, but for the dumbest reason ever, a wedding, one of the events that can be stalled for the longest of time in the interest that it’s perfect and most importantly, that you can AFFORD IT, here, Mora is willing to throw away her family’s farm, dozens of new workers’ jobs and the very home to the soon-to-be-wed couple just because it’s the writers’ urge to do so.

I’m guessing this is also a reason why the comments are back, Chalo and co. wanna see what people like us have to say now that Mora is acting in the interest of others, so they can only tell to themselves that we will hate Mora no matter what (in their eyes), even when she’s being “nice” (yet irrational AF).

If this comment section goes away, it’s likely because you guys were all just assholes. I have reread this comic front to recent strip three times and it has always impressed me with the complexity behind the plot and the character development. Personally, I’m excited to see where this plotline will go. Maybe we’ll finally force Minos to be forthcoming about his past? One of Mora’s main character flaws is that she is proud and stubborn. It has gotten her into trouble again and again, but core flaws are hard to get rid of. Wherever this is headed, it’s going to be another life lesson, I’m sure.