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Wait, WHAT?

OK, is it just me, or did this come completely out of left field? Rachel may have her character flaws, but a lack of self-confidence has NEVER been one of them. She’s always been a strong, assertive girl who knows what she wants from life and goes for it, consequences be damned. That’s who she was when she put the moves on Minos, when she dove into the well to save Digit, when she convinced Miles to stay at the farm with her instead of flying off in his airplane. For her to suddenly be all weepy and unsure of herself and “I just knew I was going to f**k it up” seems less like character growth and more like a complete character 180. Who are you and what have you done with Rachel?

She did all that out of fear. She never trusted anyone and was not doing anything for anyone else but herself or Sarah. She ran away for years until she got to Las Lindas. Heck, she even said that she was not sure that taking Sarah away from her real family was for the best. I’m pretty sure that working out so much is to overcompensate for all her insecurities. That’s why she could understand Miles so well.

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