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Chalo, would it kill you to add motion lines? Almost thought Rach was going Super Saiyan on the second panel.

Also, I think Mora is asking about Rach’s hairdo “when did THAT happen?”, had she thought Rach and Miles were dating, she’d immediately start planning another wedding to go even MORE bankrupt, amirite?

Other than how horribly the getting along happened.. and I mean it REALLY could of been done a LOT better and stayed true to Rach’s character.. I really don’t have anything bad to say about this page. It’s one of the few that follow the media rule of show don’t tell. The catch as she jumped down and the casualness of it was really nicely played off..
And Fine.. Rach’s short hair is growing on me a bit.

That’s not really how motion works in comics, you need a visual cue, there’s not even a sound effect nor Rach grunting or something to let us know she just made a quick effort, also, why the heck is Miles catching her? They’re supposed to be cats, cats can jump from very high places and land harmlessly.

I really can’t get mad at this one. It follows the examples of “Show don’t tell” and while they may of butchered Rach’s personality to get to that point, at least they are using it well. That was a subtle choice with the grab from the jump and the help down. And FINE.. I’m starting to like Rach’s short hair, its growing on me a bit. I’ve said it before that I’d give credit where it’s due.

Good job on this page Chalo.

I wouldn’t say they butchered her personality at all. More of now that she finally met someone who is willing to stick around through the worst so he can be there for the best, she’s finally comfortable enough to open up. Speaking as a paranoid introvert myself, only a handful of people know what I’m really like. to literally every other random person on the street I’m just “That weird quiet guy” when in truth, I’m anything but quiet. So from my perspective, she’s simply growing comfortable with the status quo and can relax her paranoia some instead of being a literal cat on a hot tin roof.

lol, I think the hairdo symbolizes how bad Rach’s personality was butchered, so now it’s a bad hairdo on a (newly) bad character, that’s why it’s easier to swallow I think, but I think that’s giving the writers too much credit xD

Anyway, if you think this is a good page, just remember the M.O. of this webcomic: whenever something good happens, it’s followed by a crapton of BS, better brace ourselves.

I think at this point, she’s conflicted. On one hand, they aren’t antagonizing each other but on the other hand, she would really like to know when it all started. Also, she probably want to know where the plane came from and how they managed to acquire it, probably also wants to know how much it costed to get.

It cost nothing ‘cos Miles found it and they seem to have dragged it into the farm without Mora knowing, I think Mora would rather want to know what kind of actual maintenance they’ve been doing to the farm since all they seem to ever been working on is the hobby plane.

Well… she HAS been getting a lot of upgrades… hey, maybe that’s why Mora is bankrupt? As it would take a lot of money to make a loli-looking character have breasts and curves, oh man, maybe in seven more years Digit will have boobs as big as Mora’s and Mora… uh, I guess would need to rent planets so rest her back or something by then.