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Welcome to a new Las Lindas page!

I took the coloring of this one a bit slower and went back to my usual cell shading method too. I tried using a soft brush in the past pages instead but I felt it made them look a bit washed off. I played with highlights instead this time and I like the results better.

And NZ Spirits were supposed to be easier to color, eh?

This page also marks the end of Era’s lesson, as well as our time with the Spirit girls. We moving to new things next week, so don’t miss it out. 😀


My work on the bazaar items will continue and in the order that was originally posted in the forums. Due to having many RL things going on (Holiday times are crazy every year!) in the past weeks I took the liberty to picking some of the pictures that would take me less time, but gonna follow the oder for now on. Just bare with me if sometimes I can’t post the on time!

They will come, hehe. 😀