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Mean while.. meltly face noses come back with a vengeance. Seriously.. why is her nose curling so far UP back into her face? It just looks so bad.. Her nose is neither sitting where it would on an animals OR even where you could say if they where more human.. Noses don’t go on tops of the snouts like that..

…And the nick-pick of the day award go’s too……

Yeah, sure, “Nit pick” just go look in the mirror, push your nose so its pointed upwards and tell me if it looks good.

it’s a failure in anatomy that chalo should be getting better at..not worse. and he only started doing this less than half of the comics life cycle ago. It looks bad, reflects bad, and those are kind of big things in a Medium that is 100 percent VISUAL.

I’ve enjoyed reading your comics very much over the years. I just noticed her cracked right horn and thought “when did that happen and why?” See in cracked back in 80 (due to the energy bite?) But in #83 last panel the horns flipped – the glimpses were subtle. Looking forward to discover the implication – something long the lines of Star Wars (good vs evil)?

Actual humans have noses like what you’re complaining about, they’re called Upturned Noses, and some of the women easily visible on the Google Search for Upturned Noses are attractive actresses or models. So I’m going to have to disagree with you on the assumption that a nose pointed upwards will always look bad. I’m not saying it can’t look bad, just that there’s people who’s upturned nose is attractive, despite you implying that a nose pointed upwards will always look bad.

Additionally, this is an Anthropomorphic Animal Comic. Their faces/snouts are usually significantly shorter than it would be on the equivalent animal, and when it isn’t, it’s longer in order to remain consistent with all the other mammalian beings faces/snouts. Complaining about some of the art modifications this produces IS nitpicking, particularly since you’re suggesting that there’s an “optimal” way to draw these types of, quite frankly, outright imaginary, faces. There isn’t, you have a preferred way, and it may not be the way that the artist of this comic prefers. You may have to learn to accept this difference if you choose to continue reading this comic, and those drawn by this artist.

Not to the degree of what is shown here, not from being pointed straight ahead then suddenly being shown pointing nearly backwards.

Good try, but no. It’s not about whats “optimal” its what the brain visually registers as anatomically correct. skills you learn the more you can recognize it. And Chalo frankly has had less and less of a grip on anatomy more and more as he’s just not given a crap. small heads is also a huge problem with him.

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