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Awesome page. Anyone know were the missing ones are?

In that moment, she knew, she f*@%#! up.

Also, for those who were saying she was passive support and not a fighter, if she can stand to hold her own against her dad and the fire clan AND if she gets a boost herself from her ability, she stands to be pretty good frontline fighter with an awesome support ability 😀

Its more Mary Sue story telling.

says the guy without a webcomic.

Just because you don’t have a webcomic, does not mean you can not critique and comment on one. That’s a stupid line of thinking and you don’t seem to understand that Movie reviewers don’t make their own movies, Game reviewers don’t make their own games, restaurant critics do not have their own diners and so on.

I disagree.

If her power was something I considered more overpowered than other’s, I would agree. Alternatively, if she gained a power that didn’t actually suit her or her “clan”, I would agree. After all, it had already been explained that the powers are based on the clan’s and adjusted to suit the individual.

From what I can see, Joy’s powers are based on her clan’s theme of Support, and her highly combative nature. It seems like it’s an activated power that greatly empowers her temporarily, while also giving a more minor empowerment to her allies and their powers. However, even empowered, she’s likely to have less power than someone like the big guy who’s likely in the final two panels of this page, who’s power’s specialised in strength. Additionally, it doesn’t seem to do something like linking minds, due to the shouting from a few pages ago.

Basically, I don’t think that it’s Mary Sue Story Telling if the MC awakens a Super Special Awesome Power if the story’s themed around them attempting to awaken their personal Super Special Awesome Power by following a known method in which people awaken their own Super Special Awesome Power. If the Super Special Awesome Power was so much more powerful and versatile and incredible than everyone else’s, particularly without any explanation, sure. But we’ve received an explanation for this being her power long before she awoke her power, to the point that her having any power other than empowerment of self with minor ally buff wouldn’t make sense in the narrative.

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